Metal Roofing – Do You Need it ?


A metal roof is the new and contemporary way to go these days.  It was  popular once upon a time for shacks and holiday homes for its economic benefits and flexible qualities  but architects and home owners  today are now returning to metal to upgrade buildings and give them a new look. Even easier for solar panels installation also which we ourselves have and very grateful for the savings!

The life span of a metal roof is shorter than for tile or slate, but the repair and maintenance is also less, along with a cheaper initial installation. The usual lifespan is 50 years, sometimes more, and there are options to repair, re-colour & renovate the roofs during their life time.

Commercial and Industrial Roofing

Choices for commercial and industrial buildings are Colorbond and Zincalume which have proven to be long-lasting, strong and very cost effective. They can also be coated with membranes that reflect heat, reduce rust and prevent the erosion caused by pollution. They can be coloured to suit and easily repaired.

Commercially, minimal production is lost when either re-roofing or repairing because of the short amount of time it takes to do this. Of course this is with the use of an experienced roofing team, so make sure you have knowledge of their previous work and their insurances etc.

Home Metal Roofing

Domestic houses also have the same options available to them, along with options to shape, curve and create.

Metal gutters can be included to blend in or contrast, making a very interesting look and giving a x-factor appeal. You can even choose your garden colours to compliment your look. A well done metal roof will complete the picture.  This makes your most important decision ( apart from the purchase of the home or building ) not only aesthetic, but sound and safe.

Other Advantages of Metal Roofing

Easy application and repair of skylights, usually installed within a few hours with dramatic results reducing electricity bills.

  1. Strength: In environments that have frequent storms or are exposed to wild weather, different metal profiles accompanied with careful design and particular fasteners are often considered and used.
  2. Profiles like Custom Orb and Spandeck have fantastic abilities to be shaped and curved to your specifications, creating design and individuality. No other roofing application has such benefits.

Other Points

If a metal roof begins to leak after 5 years then this will be due to poor installation, and obviously a  repair will be needed. You should have a guarantee of more than 5 years, so make sure you keep the paper work and the roofer’s contact details.

Insulation is necessary with metal roofs because of their natural inability to conserve heat. Combined with a UV deflecting coating, you will have superior temperature control without energy costs. Our own house has this exactly and we are delighted with the coolness in summer and the held-in-heat during winter. Living in an area of extreme temperatures, this was a definite choice for us.

Quite often metal roofing can be repaired, and if you live in the Sydney area we’re very happy to have a look –

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