Roofs and property value

Keeping your roof in shape and looking tidy and of course leak free will be an advantage to yourself and to prospective buyers if you decide to sell. We have had to do a few repairs and sometimes re-roofs on houses that have been recently bought as the previous owners did a cosmetic job prior…

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Roof Insulation

This was all the talk and activity a few years ago with Government incentives and was a great idea if we could of trusted all our contractors! Despite this, it does add value and comfort to  your home as well as reducing your energy costs. Our company likes to recommend more natural fibres but depending on your…

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Problems Caused By Poor Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is really important from a number of viewpoints.  Here in Sydney, it can get really muggy in summer and mold and damp can cause structural beams to weaken over time.  Spores from the mildew can also get into the air inside the house and encourage breathing and chest difficulties. Here’s a list of…

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Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is a procedure that that can turn an awful, tired, drab tile roof into something looking really new and smart! It can give a metal roof that has rusting and mismatched sheets a brand new lease of life. I’ve seen roofs I’ve done 15 years ago that still look good. Not bad, but…

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