Clean Gutters make a difference

Gutters can be overlooked as they are out of sight and out of mind until you have a leak and find out from the tradesman that the cause was from a build up of decomposing leaves. Not very easy to digest when it sometimes can be prevented with gutter cleans which are relatively inexpensive. Just…

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New Haberfield Roof

Here is the latest Haberfield job. This was a formerly a tile roof and the owners decided to replace it with Colorbond which has given it an updated look.…

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Blocked drains

The recent rains have brought to light some problems and we have been called out to previous jobs by some very distressed customers. After arriving to an emergency situation it was found that a build up of leaves created a torrent of water spilling into all unlikely places. Autumn spills its leaves and it can…

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Orbit Roofing is a family company with 20 years of domestic & commercial experience in metal roofing, tile repairs, leak repairs, guttering & downpipes and metal re-roofs.